dimanche 28 avril 2019

My 2 Sun Day Cents

Still love my blog 💛💙💚💓 started in 2007 💪😃 where I publish what I consider important. I intend to post regularly #my2sundaycents It refers to the cumulative effect of just being in relationship with a lot of other two day day cents, the Energy of the Sun, the strengh of each day spent … and in the spirit of this blog. In #SocialSelling you have two words : SOCIAL and SELLING. It is indeed the art and the way you sell (yourself) in the real world and on #socialnetworks within a fast changing world. 
You sell concepts, ideas ; you influence ... you establish relationships and get transactions ... What counts is that you set up sincere links around you.
No-one is perfect or is right by himself . My personal quote is "Being right is good. Being shared is much better"
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